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    Cbeyond Detroit Detroit Scam


    by CbeyondDetroitReviews

    TECH STAFF WAS FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL!! SGRONEVELT AT BROADBANDREPORTS.COM - OAKLAND,MI Reliable, hassle free! I'd like to comment on Cbeyond's service and their dedicated people. We have their VIOP with 16+ Cisco phones, router and switches. They did a great job with managing the install and support. Whenever we've had a problem it was solved within a few hours and the tech staff was friendly and helpful.

    A GREAT BUNDLE OF SERVICES!!! Our bookkeeper loves the fact that she only has to deal with one bill. That reminds me--we did have a small billing issue. She called customer support. And to our surprise--they answered the phone in 2 rings, and we didn't get a call center in India! They solved our issue. All in all we think it is a great bundle of services, and we couldn't be more please. Two thumbs up.

    Call Cbeyond today at 866-382-4513 or visit us at!