Shuji to Akira - bakuten with kid

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Yoonie Pham
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This is so funny! This little Kawaii kid out flips Yamapi and Kame! This kid is so good! The guy in the hat is really funny

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Whaouh trop fort le petit
Kawaii !!
jsuis eclater!! ^^
alors impressionner Yamapi??!
♥ Hlne ♥: 6 년 전
"俺好き ?" "フウ・・・うん"
Dyonegan: 7 년 전
the little kid totally beat their asses. i love how Pi was like, "kowai yo~"
shyPARROT: 8 년 전
hahahhaha lmao, i love the little kid! <3
brucelee312: 8 년 전