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    Cbeyond Detroit Scam Free


    by CbeyondDetroitReviews

    WE CAN COLLABORATE WITH COLLEAGUES MORE EASILY! We frequently send and receive large AutoCad and PDF office furniture plans. With Cbeyond's broadband & whalemail feature, we can send these files quickly and collaborate with colleagues more easily.

    ABILITY TO REROUTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS!!! I particularly like the ability to reroute (call forward) telephone numbers which Cbeyond affords through its website. Other companies are a virtual pain that end up 'scheduling' with zero-value-added flap, roughly akin to scheduling a waitress to bring a glass of water.

    CBEYOND HAS EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS!!!! Cbeyond has exceeded the company's expectations from sales to installation to quality and the value of the price. We just moved into our new building. Your move staff was very helpfull. Everything went off without a hitch. I can't thank you enough.