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    Superhero Workout Program Start


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    ---Superhero Workout Program Start. The super-hero physiques Matt and I have achieved for ourselves and for thousands of men and women, came from a system that revolves around Four Fundamental Facts...and we made a point of keeping these facts in mind as we carefully assembled The Super Hero Workout. FACT 1: Large (Read: Noticeable) muscle gain comes in metered spurts. FACT 2: The harder you work, the more difficult it becomes to keep progressing... You stop recovering at the same rate you workout.
    FACT 3: Training like a maniac for weeks and weeks on end, only to tack on 3 to 5 extra pounds of muscle is're only going in circles and wasting time. FACT 4: When you add an inch to your biceps or your chest, people notice.This is why,

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