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    Families of China's Train Crash Victims Angry at Authorities


    by NTDTelevision

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    The families of dozens of people killed in the train crash are turning their anger on the authorities. Relatives are demanding answers and a full investigation into the horrific scene.

    Angry relatives demanded answers from Chinese authorities on Monday after a collision between two high-speed trains on Saturday night killed at least 38 people in east China.

    A bullet train collided with another express train, which was stalled after lightning caused a power outage, state-run media reported. The impact derailed six of the carriages, forcing four of them off an elevated bridge near the city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province.

    Dozens of relatives and friends of the victims gathered at the local morgue in Wenzhou to identify the dead bodies or search for their lost kin.

    Relatives wept and consoled each other as those who had identified their loved ones inside the morgue struggled to keep control of their emotions.

    Authorities moved quickly to respond to public anger by sacking three top railway officials in Shanghai, according to a statement on its website.

    But many are still unhappy and angry with what they see as an inadequate investigation by the authorities.

    Shi Zhengxiang lost his son-in-law in the train crash, and couldn't contain his anger.

    [Shi Zhengxiang, Victim's Relative]:
    "The first train had stopped due to a fault. So how can the other train which was driving through be involved in such an accident? How were they managing this, how were they managing the train traffic? They have to investigate this thoroughly, if not we will go find the railway ministry for answers."

    Many other victims' families said they were angry with the government's lack of organization and assistance.

    Over 210 people are recovering at hospitals across Wenzhou City.