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    Foods Good for Blood Sugar

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Foods Good for Blood Sugar - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Five foods that will not raise your blood sugar. These are usually protein foods. Protein foods do not affect blood sugar. It is carbohydrates that have that big effect. So, five foods. One of them are animal products like chicken, fish and turkey. The second one is nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds have great fiber, great protein, and a very healthy fat. So, again, they do not affect the blood sugar. Low-fat cottage cheese is an excellent option because it is very high in protein, very little carb, low fat. Again, it does not have the effect on the blood sugar. Greek yogurt is another one. Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt because of the protein content. Greek yogurt has more protein in it than carbohydrates. Other yogurts are very high in carbohydrates and will affect the blood sugar. The fifth one are vegetables other than potatoes. Vegetables, again, do not have the effect of raising the blood sugar. Potatoes do, but all vegetables do not. So, you can really sit down and eat a pretty big salad, and you are not going to see much rise in the blood sugar. So, again, the five foods are meat products, like fish, chicken, turkey, nuts and seeds, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and vegetables other than potatoes.