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    Eating at McDonald's Without Gaining Weight

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Eating at McDonald's Without Gaining Weight - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. You can eat at McDonald's and still have a healthy diet. One way is by making healthy choices at McDonald's. Another way is by watching your portions. And then, the third important thing to pay attention to is frequency. How frequently are you doing this? So, when you go to McDonald’s, they do have chicken, grilled chicken sandwiches. They have a couple of different kinds. They have a couple of different kinds of grilled chicken salads. And then they also have theose snack wraps, which are lower in calories and fat, as long as you choose the grilled chicken and not the breaded chicken. And so, there are healthy options. Another thing you can do, if you are more of a beef person, you can get their hamburger, or just the cheeseburger, and not go for the Quarter Pounder or the Big Mac. So, it is just a matter of what you order. You can look online for the nutrition facts, so you can see the calories and fat that are in the different items, and make a good choice, or you can get the nutrition facts sometimes at the restaurant. But that would be, first and foremost would be your food choice. Also, as far as desserts, they have apple dippers you can have, instead of like a shake with your lunch. So, there are healthier choices. And then, the portion is going to be important. So, a good idea is to skip the fries and have a side salad with your sandwich. If you want the fries, you just get a small fry, and maybe be careful of the calories in your sandwich. It is really a matter of your preference and how you want to balance that out. And then, be careful with your beverage, of course. A lot of calories can be gained in the sodas, or even lemonade. So, you will want to choose water, or even unsweetened iced tea with a little bit of lemon it, or you could do a shot of lemonade in your iced tea to add some flavor. That will not add too many calories, or a diet soda. That would be one way to cut back on the calories there. And then, another thing you can do, as you can do anytime you eat out, is split the portion with someone, a little harder to do with a sandwich, but definitely possible if you absolutely have to have your favorite, and that is a Big Mac. The other thing to keep in mind is: What do you eat the rest of that day? So, do not have another heavy meal at dinner if you ate McDonald’s for lunch. Go home and have something light. And then, what did you do the rest of that week? So, do not make McDonald's a regular occurrence. Make it more of a special thing, either if you are on the road and you need to stop somewhere, or if it is something you do because you really like McDonald's. Then just make it a special occasion, or a treat for yourself, and not an everyday occurrence.