Worst Foods for Blood Pressure

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Worst Foods for Blood Pressure - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The worst foods for blood pressure are foods that are high in sodium. Most sodium does not come from the salt shaker, it comes from hidden sources of food, and a big culprit is fast foods. Fast food is loaded with sodium, and it is in there for a preservative as well as a flavor enhancer. So, it is hard to get around that; it is best to limit your fast food or avoid it completely. The other one is canned foods. Canned foods are another really high source of sodium, and that is in there mainly as a preservative. So always look for the low sodium versions of canned foods. And then, frozen meals. And I do not mean frozen vegetables, frozen vegetables usually do not have sodium added to them, but the frozen dinners and the frozen meals are pretty high. So try to avoid those, look for other easy options, or again, look for the low sodium versions of those as well.