WWE Survivor Series 2004

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par ali_daman

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WWE-Survivor Series 2004 Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Maven vs HHH, Edge, Snitsky & Batista (Elimination Match)

6 commentaires

triple h haketmisti
randy orton sansa bala aldi
ve edge ile orton cok korkak :D

am a Edgenin yine hasTasiyim
Par SmackdownFan il y a 6 ans
Where was this fiery Randy Orton??? All we've had is this lame, cold blooded, boring, absolutely mind numbing to watch Legend Killer reject. I would actually start watching Raw again just to see Randy Orton get FIRED UP!!!
Par TheArtisanMosaic il y a 6 ans
Randy was shit before cuz he was a face , and all he used to do is punches and kicks, he's somemuch better and more brutal now, Orotn is next champ at no mercy, fuck u cena, orton and Triple h r the best.
Par orange polite il y a 7 ans
Go HHH!!, HHH is the best
Par orange polite il y a 7 ans
batista sucks
Par bluefire1332 il y a 8 ans
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