Cogito Ergo Moveo - An electric wheelchair using an EEG headset- ZigBee - PPE 2011

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In recent years the study of EEG has considerably increased. Search tools have become more diverse and affordable, and have gained in accuracy.

Thus, the use of EEG opens an important perspective on a new generation of technologies and applications to everyday life. Among these, there are inevitably those intended to improve the life of people with reduced mobility.

The idea of this project is to give some autonomy to a person unable to move, allowing him to control "by thought" an electric wheelchair.

Completion of this project consisted on one hand, in familiarizing with the EmotivEpoc headset and its SDK, to be able to develop a soEware application; on the other hand, in the construction of a remote control module, to model the electric chair.

The results consist of a system composed of an EEG headset, which sends a user's brain signals to a computer. The laHer is in charge of interpreting and sending commands via a wireless connection ZigBee, to a car remote.

ECE Paris engineer school

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