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    For Ben & Anna - And for a free China

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    Mark Stanton Reade

    von Mark Stanton Reade

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    For Ben & Anna, my little nephew and niece that I haven't seen for years, because their mother and her new partner obviously don't like the idea! She lives in divorce with my older brother George. And, of course, for a free China, I really would like to do a very first live concert in a free China! At this time I really don't think the government of Pres. Jintao would let me and my musicians visit the land for this purpose! And so I ask the Chinese leaders around Hu Jintao, Prem. Wen Jiabao and Army Chief Gen. Bingde to help path China's peaceful way from a dictatorship that it still clearly is to some modern democracy with a free Chinese people! Take this maybe last chance all of you might have to save yourself some place of honor in your country's history and not some place of eternal disgrace if some day they might say you have been responsible for the unnecessary bloodshed & killing of thousands of Chinese citizens when China experienced some most important political transition.