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    snoop dogg

    Poppin, stoppin, hoppin like a rabbit
    When I take the nina Ross ya know I gota ta have it
    I lay back in the cut retain myself
    Think about the shit, and I'm thinkin wealth
    How can I makes my grip
    And how should I make that nigga straight slip
    Set trip, gotta get him for his grip
    as i dip around the corner, now i'm on a-nother
    mission, wishin, upon a star
    Snoop Doggy Dogg with the caviar
    In the back of the limo no demo, this is the real
    Breakin niggaz down like Evander Holyfield, chill
    to the next Episode
    I make money, and I really don't love hoes
    Tell ya the truth, I swoop in the Coupe
    I used to sell loot, I used to shoot hoops
    But now I, make, hits, every single day
    With, that nigga, the diggy Dr. Dre
    So lay back in the cut, motherfucker 'fore you get shot
    It's 1-8-7 on a motherfuckin cop

    Verse Two:

    Boy it's gettin hot, yes indeed it is
    Snoop Dogg on the mic i'm about as crazy as Biz
    Markie, spark the, chronic bud real quick
    And let me get into some fly gangsta shit
    Yeah, I lay back, stay back in the cut
    Niggaz try to play the D-O-G like a mutt
    I got a little message, don't try to see Snoop
    I'm fin to fuck a bitch, what's her name it's Luke
    You tried to see me, on the TV, youse a B.G.
    D-O-double-G, yes I'ma O.G.
    You can't see my homey Dr. Dre
    So what the fuck a nigga like you gotta say
    Gotta take a trip to the MIA
    And serve your ass with a motherfuckin AK
    You, can't, see, the D-O-double-G, cuz that be me
    i'm servin um, swervin in the Coupe
    The Lexus, flexes, from Long Beach to Texas
    Sexist, hoes, they wanna get witht his
    Cuz Snoop Dogg is the shit, beeeitch!

    Verse Three:

    Ahhhh, I'm somewhat brain boggled
    So I look to the microphone and slowly start to wobble
    Grab it, have it, stick it to the plug
    It's Snoop, Doggy, I got a got a fat dub
    Sack of the chronic in my back pocket loc
    Need myself a lighter so I can't take a smoke
    I toke everyday, I loc everyday
    With the P-O-U-N-D and my nigga Dr. Dre
    Lay back in the cut, like I told your ass
    Gimme the microphone and let me hit you with a blast
    I got a little cousin by the name of Daz
    And bitches who fuck him, gimme the ass
    Cuz they know about the shit that we be goin through
    And they know about the shit that I be puttin up
    And they be knowin bout the shit I do when I'm on the mic
    Cause Snoop Dogg is Trump tight like a virgin, the surgeon
    Is Dr. Drizzay, so lizzay, and plizzay
    With D-O-double-Gizzay the fly human being seein
    No I'm not European bein all I can
    When I put the motherfuckin mic in my hand, and
    You don't understand when i'm kickin
    Cuz Snoop is on the mic and I gets wicked, follow me
    Listen to me, cuz I do you like you wanna be done
    Snoop Doggy Dogg on this three two one, umm
    Dum, diddy-dum here I come
    With the gat and the guitar was strung, I'm
    not that lunatic nigga who you thought I was
    When I caught you slippin, I'm gon catch you then I peel your cap
    Snapped back, relax
    Ya better not be slippin with them deez on the '83 Cadillac
    So we gonna smoke a ounce to this
    G's up hoes down while you motherfuckers bounce to this