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  • Add to Western Direct Financial Mortgages Ins - is a Mortgage brokerage firm in Edmonton and specializes in getting mortgage approvals for its clients. WD Financial has worked with hundreds of new home buyers and people looking for second mortgage or trying to refinance their current property. Our process is easy and you can get a FREE mortgage pre-approval by filling out our safe, online form. You can use your rrsp funds as a first time home buyer to get your first mortgage. I currently own a home but have a lot of debt with high interest costs, what are my options?

We can consolidate your high interest debt with your current mortgage, providing there is enough equity in the home. Getting rid of the “bad” debt can substantially reduce your payments and put more money in your pocket at the end of the month. You would simply combine your mortgage and all debts into one mortgage, and therefore have one payment with a lower interest rate to make every month.

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