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FF7 MMO Challenge: 09 - Motor Ball (v2.0)

7 jaar geleden41 views

Challenge description: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmo/
Battle Plan: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmobp/

If this isn't the fastest Motor Ball battle ever, it's going to be pretty close to it anyway. Again, Bolt dominates everything.

Motor Ball's 2,600 HP is quickly depleted by having all three characters cast Bolt four times, followed by either Cloud or Nanaki once. That leaves one Bolt for Aerith; kill off the guys, and let the girl claim the spoils.

And yeah - things will get a *little* more exciting than this soon enough. =)

Cloud: Level 9
- Initial Equipment: Lightning, Restore
Aerith: Level 8
- Initial Equipment: Lightning
Nanaki: Level 9
- Initial Equipment: Lightning, Restore

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FF7 MMO Challenge: 09 - Motor Ball (v2.0)
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