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STORY: AMAZON INDIGENOUS PEOPLE DATELINE: JULY 19, 2011 LENGTH: 0:02:18 LOCATION: BOGOTA INTRO The Amazon Rainforest accounts for 42 percent of the entire country of Colombia --- creating one of the largest ecological reserves in the world. So, it's no wonder that people in Columbia call the forest home --- and many of those people are some of the country's first settlers. And, as Lifestyles learned, they are working hard to not only save the forest --- but their own culture and heritage. PKG Forty-four indigenous groups call the Amazon Rainforest home. In Columbia, the difficult access to the Amazon has allowed indigenous peoples to retain some of their ancestral customs. But, at the same time, the rise of tourism and the exploitation of natural resources have forced the communities to modernize. Descendants of the Ticuna (TEA-COON-OH) Uitoto (OO-TOE-TOE) and Yagua (YAH-GOO-UH) tribes live in the Amazonian Trapezium --- the southernmost part of Colombia. Despite decades Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency