Parenting: Teenage Kids and Parties

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Parenting: Teenage Kids and Parties - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. You know, kids misbehave at home because we allow them to misbehave at home, so if this girl is partying too much, I do not know if that means she is engaging in illegal behavior or if she is staying out too late - we need to set different rules. We are the parents, we are in control. Our kids are our responsibility to live at home until they are eighteen, and they need to follow our rules. So if our kids are breaking our rules, it is either because we do not have the rules or because our kids do not think they need to follow them. So we need to explain to our kids, "These are the new rules starting now, and if you break the rule, there will be a consequence." And then we need to follow through with the consequence. If our children are misbehaving, it is because we are allowing them to misbehave. We can modify that by showing them that good choices get good consequences and bad choices get bad consequences.