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    What's Country_by Jordan Blake Michiels

    Jordan Michiels

    by Jordan Michiels

    What's Country? Country is many things. Country music is the greatest fusion music of all time. Country music incorporates flavor from western swing, blues, R&B, jazz, folk, blue grass, rock, gospel and pop. Anyone who says all country sounds the same has not actually listened to it. From Ricky Skaggs and Shania Twain to Hank Williams Jr. and Keith Urban to Willie Nelson and Toby Keith country music is not all the same. Country is many things and this song just covers the surface.

    Jordan can be found on facebook at Jordan Blake Michiels Muzic, Reverbnation, YouTube, Nashville Ringtones and on MySpace. Please feel free to come and join as a friend and watch the music grow. or or