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    How Much Cellphone Radiation Are You Getting?


    About 4 billion people worldwide use cellphones. Researchers have been debating for years on whether the radiation from cellphone use leads to health hazards such as cancer and other illnesses.
    Perhaps, in no greater proof of how hot the debate is, infomercial peddlers such as Kevin Trudeau and television doctors such as Andrew Weil have declared that cellphone use are one of the risk factors for brain cancer.
    Researchers are divided on whether radiation from cellphones poses health risks or not. Now, one non-profit organization adds some hard data to the argument: the radiation emission profiles of more than 1,200 cellphone models. The data won’t resolve the debate, but does give concrete information to consumers to help them make their buying decisions.
    American cellphone radiation standards don’t make enough of an allowance for safety and ignore the impact.