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    Get Rid of COLD SORES Fast Treatment and Info


    by webmoneyproducts

    216 views Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast Treatment and Info
    Cold Sores are part of the herpes simplex virus. 1 in 5 Americans are affected by cold sores. Herpes is a virus, but there are medications to neutralize the virus and heal the cold sore quick and fast.
    A cold sore can be very embarrassing because it affects the most visible parts of the body such as lips, mouth, nostrils, eye lids, etc. When the cold sores are present and during outbreaks the virus is very contagious.
    These blisters grow in size and then ultimately after the prolonged cycle they dry up. Care should be taken when a cold sore dries up as it may leave a mark or a dark spot.
    Cold sores return at the most unexpected times after the first infection because the virus “hides” in the body’s nerve cells away from the immune system.

    Get rid of your cold sores will go away fast with my way of getting rid of them.
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