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    Rural Olympics, Baffling Testimonies of Strength


    by WildFilmsIndia

    Rural Olympics gather every year huge crowds of villagers to watch 4,000 sports men and women display their skills and test their strength. Going beyond the norms of a sports event, the Rural Olympics showcase baffling testimonies of strength, from someone pulling a car with one ear to 80-year-old men participating in the veterans' race.The spirit lies in finding a contest where no skill set or rule is mandatory, where a simple villager can just challenge another one. And there is nothing to win but honour. The Rural Olympics consist of 40 to 50 events and are a blend of accepted sporting disciplines and other more uncommon pursuits.The first Rural Olympics was held in Kila Raipur in 1933. Since then, it is organised every year by the local Grewal Sports Club.There are many games organised every year and people are excited to participate.
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