Now You're In My Arms-Bert Lown Hotel Biltmore Orchestra


by Lou

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Impossible to go wrong with the great Bert Lown Orchestra and this delicate Elmer Feldkamp vocal! Lou, at least o couple of sheet music copies featuring his portrait have shown up, one of which was bought by Fred. Those photos are decent although of course not of the quality like the one we were lucky to get of Harold Van Emburgh.
By kspm0220s4 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments(somehow I missed those dreadful commercials).Why doesn't FABIO get a haircut and look like a real man?
By Lou4 years ago
Walter Gray
Wonderful post.
Thank you for sharing.
By Walter Gray4 years ago
Boston Blackie
Nice one to chill to. Hit 103F at the airport yesterday. Even the birds stayed in the trees most of the day.
By Boston Blackie4 years ago