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    Rural Olympics in Punjab


    by WildFilmsIndia

    "The annual rural olympic games at Qila Raipur Village near Ludhiana is an event that captivates sports lovers from across the country and abroad. The ""Rural Olympics""drew villagers from across northern India and many of the Indian diaspora, keeping alive traditional sports and attracting youth towards physical activities.The average Punjabi villager is associated with this rural Olympic mela which has continued for the last 63 years, even when Punjab was facing the worst of militancy, this annual rural sports mela continued to be a major attraction.Among the various games played this game is of balance.This type of game is based on balancing your body with another person . It is very difficult because one of the player has to put a pot on his head and the other one has to stand on the pot.For balancing body the mind has to focus on that point only.The spirits of the players are very high and they take up all challenges bravely. 'This clip of professionally-shot broadcast stock footage belongs to the archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., and has been filmed on either Digital Betacam or 1080i HD. Please write to us for licensing queries at and''