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    Two Chinese Vice Mayors Executed for Bribery


    by NTDTelevision

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    Two vice mayors in Eastern China have been executed over bribery convictions.

    Xu Maiyong and Jiang Renjie--from Hangzhou and Suzhou, respectively--were executed Tuesday morning, on orders of the Supreme People's Court.

    Xu was accused of using his post to garner about $22 million dollars in bribes for property development contracts, on top of other illicit activity. Jiang, too, was accused of taking kickbacks for real estate development projects.

    Both men had legal appeals rejected.

    In death they join a handful of other mid-level officials who have been caught for corruption, and turned into examples--though the higher one goes in the Party hierarchy, the rarer such convictions are.

    China is one of the only countries where people are executed for white collar crimes.