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    Exposure To Electromagnetic Waves Of Mobile Phones On Fetal Blood Flow And Heart Rate


    Microwave ovens, satellites, and radio/TV transmission and mobile phone transmitters /receivers produce electromagnetic waves daily. As a matter of fact, we are exposed to electromagnetic waves -apart from the occupational exposure- with a frequency ranging from 300MHz to 300GHz. In addition, the common use of mobile phones has given rise to concerns about the potential influences of electromagnetic waves on human physiology. Worldwide use of mobile phones had been increased by the end of 2008 to about 4.1 billions; these users involve pregnant women also. Several studies have looked into the safety of mobile phones in recent years with uncertain results. There is a growing body of evidence that exposure to high density microwaves can cause detrimental effects to the testis and eyes and induce significant biologic changes involving the central nervous system, cardiovascular system