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    How To Measure Electromagnetic Radiation In Your Home

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    You have probably realized Electricsense is not just about cell phone radiation it is about a way of life. It’s about living a healthy life in this increasingly electromagnetic world.
    Of all the different forms of electromagnetic pollution wireless (RF) radiation, that’s to say that used by such devices as cell phones, cell phone towers and WIFI, is certainly that which is the most insidious. It’s out in the street, it’s in public transport it’s in our work places, and it’s even in our homes
    In this short video you will see how
    - I measure radio frequency radiation
    - How radio frequency exists in a home even when there are no cell phones, cordless phones or wifi
    - I explain what the ramifications are of living in an environment that is bathed in electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day 7 days a week