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    News Anchor "Lina Zahr Eddine": Al-Jazeera lost its credibility

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    The Truth about Syria

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    The media personnel "Lina Zahr El-Din" - who resigned from Al-Jazeera TV Satellite channel - affirms that Al-Jazeera refraining from covering the massacres in Jisr Al-Shogour is another evidence that it deliberately avoids to transmit the facts on the ground... She said that this channel has lost its credibility and professionalism, because it played a key role in the incitement against Syria... She mentioned in a statement published by the Lebanese newspaper Assafir on 12.07.2011 that Al-Jazeera has suffered a big drop in audience along with its prestige and proved to be the channel of the “uni-opinion”... Al-Jazeera depends entirely on the internet and justifies that with the lack of other news sources...
    Assafir article mentioned in the video report: