Charles Veitch
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The story of the #jan25 Egyptian uprising told by the tweets of the people on the ground and those watching all over the world I do understand that the actual situation in Egypt was, is and will remain a lot more complicated than this but there's only so much you can cram in to 5 minutes, 37 seconds and 140 characters... Reposted from the very friend who helped wake me up in 2006. Sometimes the weapons of control are turned against the very people who wish to database us. Twitter/Facebook in Egypt were perfect examples of surveillance aids being hijacked during the storm of revolution. Whereas I have quit facebook in peace-time, I fully appreciate its power in mobilisation during a crisis. There are so many more decent people than there are the evil machine-men, and whilst a revolution is brewing - what they gonna do? Track 80million people online? POWER TO THE PEOPLE'S UPRISING OF 2011. TWEET LIKE AN EGYPTIAN