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    The Different Aspects of God - P1/2


    by smtvuploads

    25 views – The Different Aspects of God - P1/2 September 27, 1994 Singapore. Episode: 1711, Air Date: 22 May 2011. Script

    *My dearest Master,after initiation,if I'm asked or required to cook meat for my family,what shall I do?Please enlighten me on this. Thank you!

    @You are vegetarian,that is your right. But your husband has also the right to choose what he wants to eat,even if it's poison. Because if you don't give poison to him,he will sue you!That's the trouble. And so,if you cannot talk to him about the vegetarian diet,the benefit of being a vegetarian,or a loving way of life - if he doesn't agree to it - then you must cook meat for him,all right?

    *Dear Master,I always wonder how to love others wholeheartedly and vice versa.

    @You mean how others will love you wholeheartedly?(I think so.) Well,that's not your business. You can love people,but people might not love you. So,the best thing is to ju