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    First Successful Transplant of Trachea Made of Stem Cells


    by NTDTelevision

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    A groundbreaking surgery gave a man back his trachea, and his life. He is the first person to undergo surgery with an organ made completely from his own cells.

    Thirty-six-year-old Andemariam Beyene, originally from Eritrea, is a PhD student studying in Iceland.

    Beyene needed a new trachea when a cancerous tumor near his windpipe grew to be almost two-and-a-half inches wide.

    The tumor restricted his breathing and he did not respond to any treatments.

    In 2009, he had a surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, but to no avail.

    [Andamariam Beyene, Patient]:
    "When I am sleeping I have to be good, straight. If I am bending the small part would be closed."

    And without a trachea donor, his options were limited. Beyene's windpipe was expected to collapse within weeks of the surgery.

    [Andamariam Beyene, Patient]:
    "But this operation... They told me that this is the first in its kind. This is a synthetic organ. It has never been tried in a human being. I was scared. I was about to refuse."

    Similar surgeries have used a trachea from a donor with stem cells of the patient grafted onto it.

    This is the first time that a whole organ grown from stem cells has been successfully used in a human being.

    [David Green, President of Harvard Bioscience]:
    "So it's really part of him today. It's his tissue. It's his cells, and those have differentiated from the [original] bone-marrow cells to become all the different cell-types that make up the trachea. So it really is a living, breathing organ at this point."

    Spanish surgeon Dr. Macchiarini collaborated with American and British scientists to create the synthetic windpipe.

    Scientists at the University College of London created a replica of the windpipe using 3-D scans.