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    A Year of Wi-Fi Exposure Equals 20 Minutes of Cell Time


    Times of London offers some views on Wi-Fi's dangers: Rather than analyze (or analyse) this article, I present two salient quotations.
    Dr Michael Clark, of the [Health Protection Agency] says, "When we have conducted measurements in schools, typical exposures from wi-fi are around 20 millionths of the international guideline levels of exposure to radiation. As a comparison, a child on a mobile phone receives up to 50 per cent of guideline levels. So a year sitting in a classroom near a wireless network is roughly equivalent to 20 minutes on a mobile. If wi-fi should be taken out of schools, then the mobile phone network should be shut down, too--and FM radio and TV, as the strength of their signals is similar to that from wi-fi in classrooms."
    Alasdair Philips, the director of Powerwatch, a lobbying group, who also "runs a company selling electromagnetic radiation detectors and blockers,