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    Why Electromagnetic Pollution is a Growing Health Concern


    Electromagnetic pollution is caused by electromagnetic field or EMF radiation. EMF is a combination of electric and magnetic fields that occur in our environment both naturally and artificially.

    Of the two, artificial EMF poses a greater risk to human health. Its sources include:
    • power lines
    • mobile phone base stations
    • and numerous modern appliances powered by electricity, batteries and motor
    Prolonged EMF exposure or exposure to high levels of human-made EMF radiation can
    • damage brain cells and DNA
    • cause cancer (leukemia in children and brain tumor in adults)
    • and adversely affect central nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems
    Studies linked electromagnetic pollution to:
    • decreased testosterone levels in men
    • miscarriages in pregnant women
    • birth defects in babies
    • Alzheimer's disease
    • Cataracts
    • depression and suicides
    • chronic fatigue and more