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    Cell Phone May Pose Risk to Children Part 1


    New study points out the potential hazards of long-term mobile phone use. Laura Rohde, IDG News Service
    Children may be more vulnerable than adults to the potential health risks of using mobile phones, according to a U.K. study released this week, which urged that nonessential phone use by children be discouraged.
    Though no conclusive evidence currently exists that mobile phones are harmful, a cautious approach of risk management, especially in relation to children, should be taken by the government, according to the study, published by the U.K.'s National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB).

    The study is a follow-up to a similar study issued four years ago. Little has changed during that time in terms of being able to assure the safety of mobile phone use on the public's health, the board says.

    Follow Up: In May 2000, the U.K.'s Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones,