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    Batman 1969: Prologue-Act 1 (1/6)


    by Catfan1966

    Batman 1969 is a reminaging of the 1966 Batman series, done in a more serious style.

    The Prologue opens in December 1968, just before Christmas. Bruce Wayne reflects on the events of 4 April 1968, when Vicki Vale was gunned down. In Act 1, Bruce faces the fallout from Aunt Harriet, who has learned his secret. Later that evening, he discovers that Commissioner James Gordon has learned of his secret identity, as well as those of other heroes, including Batgirl.

    That same night, Catwoman is assisting FBI agents in testing a security system. And it won't turn out well.

    DISCLAIMER: All characters are the property of DC Comics, as well as Warner Brothers Television and Quinn Martin Productions.

    Frontenac Media, Batman 1969 and this presentation are in no way affiliated with DC Comics, TimeWarner, Warner Brothers Television, Quinn Martin Productions or the American Broadcasting Company. Batman 1969 is a non-profit film for private use only, and is not intended for sales of any sort.