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    More Gold For China in FINA World Championship


    by NTDTelevision

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    It's often said that if you fall down, you only lose if you don't get back up. But, when it comes to diving, the better you fall, the more likely you'll win. Now with those words of wisdom, let's see how this year's FINA World Championship diving event went down.

    Poised, confident, Li Shixin steps toward the edge of the diving board. Months of training have all been for this one single moment.

    His training paid off.

    Li Shixin took home the gold medal for the men's 1-meter dive in the 14th FINA World Championship, held in Shanghai.

    At 23-years-old, Li is a bit older than most.

    [Li Shixin, Gold Medalist]:
    "It is not because destiny did not choose the best for me, it just let me experience more to achieve the success."

    Li's teammate He Min also had an extraordinary dive, and won the silver for China.

    And it was the German team that earned the bronze.