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    Maurice Benayoun - Le Futur de la musique et de l’image

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    Maurice Benayoun, artiste numérique, maître de conférence à Paris 8, à la Gaîté Lyrique dans le cadre du festival Futur en Seine (mardi 21 juin 2011 - le Futur de la musique et de l'image).

    OPEN ART, de l’esthétique transactionnelle à la fusion critique.,,


    OPEN ART from Transactional Aesthetics to Critical Fusion

    The recent evolution of technologies is having an unexpected impact on art. Instead of only creating a collection of New Media that would replace painting and sculpture, it continuously and irreversibly erases the boundaries between disciplines. Thus it opens up and widens the space of artistic potential. If the artist is now able to be at the same time, painter, architect, film-maker, and music composer, he also becomes part of the networks that simultaneously amplify his actions and his visibility. Social being by nature, he shares and disseminates, consciousness of the fact that every new project contributes to redefining the artistic ecosystem. He is not only checking the potential and the limits; he is an actor engaged in this new public space, aware of the new responsibilities that emerge from its deployment. He thinks in terms of transactions, of openness and of critique. Inspired by the past as well as by the anticipated future, he invents new ways of producing new works that could have an impact on our understanding of the world. I call this « Critical Fusion », the intrusion of fragments of fiction – digital and none-digital objects or actions – that infiltrate reality as a contribution to its decyphering. This reflection will be illustrated by examples from the Art Collider, the Dump and other urban art projects.