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    Israeli Safari Park Welcomes a New Addition


    by NTDTelevision

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    Another success for Israeli safari park's Tapir breeding program with the introduction of the newborn Papaya. Proud mom Passiflora was the first Tapir to be born at the park.

    Born in captivity at Israel's safari park, baby Tapir, Papaya, was set to roam free for the first time on Tuesday.

    The female wild hog-like animal was born two weeks ago at the safari in Ramat Gan in central Israel.

    She took her first steps inside a designated area where her mother, who was also born at the safari, was being fed.

    [Gali Burkovich, Zoo Trainer]:
    "Her mom Passiflora is the first calf of Tapir that was born here at the safari and she's her first calf, so we are very very excited since Tapirs are very endangered south american mammals."

    Papaya drew the attention of visitors as she wandered around her cage with proud mother Passiflora.

    The keeper says the tapir calf is eating and nursing and seems to be in good condition.

    Tapirs are endangered South American mammals and the newborn tapir is a welcome addition to the Ramat Gan safari.