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    Murdoch's Pie-in-the-face Assault in the UK


    by NTDTelevision

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    British police have arrested a man who threw a plate of foam on Rupert Murdoch in the British parliament in London. The attack took place during an inquiry into a phone hacking scandal involving Murdoch's News Corporation.

    British police have arrested a man who threw a plate of white foam over News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch during a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

    Murdoch, 80, was not hurt and didn't need medical attention.

    Murdoch's wife, sitting behind him in the committee room, slapped the assailant and police rushed to arrest him.

    The young man -- wearing a checkered shirt and his face smeared in foam, was taken out of the room and handcuffed.

    Police were seen wiping the foam off his face.

    The hearing was suspended and journalists and members of the public were asked to leave.

    It resumed 15 minutes later with both Rupert Murdoch and his son James present.

    Murdoch appeared calm but had taken off the blue suit jacket that had been splashed in the attack.

    Labor member of parliament Chris Bryant, who has led the campaign against News Corp over phone hacking, condemned the assault.