New Book Exposes CCP's Aim to Wipe Out Tibetan Culture

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Human rights activists and intellectuals came together at book launch in Dharamsala, India to speak up about the Chinese regime's attempt to dilute and eventually eradicate traditional Tibetan culture. The book titled 'Imposing Modernity with Chinese Characteristics: The Fate of Tibetan Civilization,' is partly based on interviews with recent Tibetan refugees.

Human rights activists and intellectuals spoke up against the Chinese regime's alleged attempts to eradicate Tibetan culture at a book launch on Saturday (July 16).

The new book, titled "Imposing Modernity with Chinese Characteristics: The Fate of Tibetan Civilization" was released at the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy in India's northern city of Dharamsala on Saturday (July 16).

Human Rights Law Network representative and a co-author Anant Kumar Asthana explains the aim of the book.

[Anant Kumar Asthana, Human Rights Law Network Representative]:
"This book is making an attempt to examine the charges of committing cultural genocide in Tibet on [the] People's Republic of China. So this book is a kind of fresh attempt to look into the latest realities, and to see whether whatever is happening in Tibet amounts to cultural genocide or not."


[Ugyen Tenzin, Director-Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy]:
"The cultural genocide taking place in Tibet is the Chinese government's systematic policy of eliminating the Tibetan culture, identity and language. That kind of a thing is taking place inside Tibet. So, we have brought out in this report that how Tibetan identity and culture are being eliminated inside Tibet."


Chinese authorities have ruled Tibet since 1950. In 1959, about 80,000 Tibetans, sought refuge in India with their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, after a failed revolt against Chinese Communist rule.