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    Cool Pet Store - The Wet Spot Tropical Fish (Portland)

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    Check out the great Pet store in Portland, Oregon - The Wet Spot Tropical Fish.

    Hi, my name is Steve Lundblad and welcome to The Wet Spot Tropical Fish; the unique aquarium store located in northeast Portland. We have been here now for approximately 12 years and we specialize in only fresh water fish from all parts of the world.

    We also specialize in fresh water aquarium plants,;something, again, that is not offered in the salt water world. You're looking at corals and things. In fresh water we have underwater plants which is a really unique thing to the aquarium.

    We also offer the very large selection of what we call micro-fish, and that means fish that maintain no more the, lets say, 1 inch total length. These fish are unique in the fact that they will do really, really well in a small aquaria, which is now the leading trend in aquariums because people do not have the room they once did.

    In addition to having such a great selection of fish we offer a lot of services to our customers. One is we consider ourselves to be consultants. We believe that people should be successful with their aquariums and not just buy fish and have them die on them.

    And because of that we offer free water testing any time you're questioning your water quality, anything to do with your tank, we test your water for you to make sure that's okay. And nextly, we consider ourselves to be Portland's unofficial public aquarium, where people can come, just look at fish.

    We don't pressure people to buy things, we want them to come and look at the fish, enjoy them. Hopefully, future aquarias will come from that and we will be successful in the future.