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    Learn About Cockatiel Parrot

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    by Geo Beats

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    Learn About Cockatiel Parrot - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This is a very popular type of bird, particularly with people with kids, because Cockatiels do not have quite as much beak power sometimes as the bigger birds. They are pretty mellow and forgiving birds, so they do not take it personally if little kids are, you know, a little rough with them. This is my own Cockatiel, Pig Widgion, and he has been on the cover of Bird Talk Magazine, and done a lot of photo shoots. They are very friendly little birds. The males in particular I love, because they whistle and they are amazing whistlers. He whistles up a storm, a whole bunch of little different tunes, some that he learned and some he made up on his own. These guys are pretty easy to take care of. They need a lot bigger cage than most people think though, because they do tend to pace back and forth. So, they need a cage that is about thirty inches wide. But it is a pretty mellow easy going bird. We really feel that birds should be in a cage when you are not home, and at night so that they do not hurt themselves, or get into dangerous situations. But when a bird is kept in a cage that is big enough for it, then you do not usually have any problems. However, we feel that when you are home and supervised, the bird should be out on some sort of play perch, so it gets a lot of exercise. We are not believers in letting the bird fly around the house, as there are so many dangerous accidents that can happen when a bird is allowed to fly. In some mutations of these guys the males and females look different, but some of them are going to look exactly the same. There is a lot of different mutations with the Cockatiels, a lot of different colors. Many years ago, like 20-some years ago, if you went to a pet store, all you would see would be Cockatiels that would look just like him, but as domestic breeding became more popular people would hold onto the more interesting colors, and breed for the cooler looking colors. So now you do not see as many birds that look like him. And that is a Cockatiel!