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    South Africa's Celebrity Chefs Cook in Honor of Mandela


    by NTDTelevision

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    Celebrity chefs do their part to help celebrate Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday and his legacy at the prison where he was held before his release in 1990. The Mandela Day campaign challenges people around the world to take time out to help others, and is inspired by Mandela's dedication to freedom and social justice.

    Thousands of people around South Africa have spent 67 minutes of their time helping the needy in honor of the former President Nelson Mandela.

    The initiative is part of the Mandela Day '67 minutes' campaign, which challenges people around the world to take time off—at least 67 minutes—to do good for others.

    The campaign is inspired by the 67 years Mandela dedicated to the struggle for freedom and social justice.


    The celebrity chefs' cooked meals were also served at the Victor Verster Prison restaurant on Monday (July 18).

    The Victor Verster Prison is where Nelson Mandela was staying at the time of his release in 1990.

    [Reuben Riffel, South African Celebrity Chef]:
    "I just wanna say thank you and thank you for the sacrifices. This morning they talked again about not being able to get back the 27 years, but I hope in the years after he (Mandela) was released that he experienced life completely to the fullest and I'm still happy that he's with us and I hope long may he be with us as well and I just want to say thank you for everything and happy birthday."

    Hundreds of South Africans have also been doing their bit for charity; including painting, gardening, cleaning up or cooking for the needy people.



    July 18—Mandela's birthday—has been declared an international day by the United Nations to honor the iconic leader's contribution to humanity.

    President Nelson Mandela spent his 93rd birthday at his home village in Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, quietly celebrating with his family.