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Par bobross78 Il y a 6 ans
"Vivent les fantomes; ceux des morts, ceux des vivants et ceux de ceux qui ne sont pas nes" Samuel Beckett.
Derrida elaborated his notion of "hauntology" in his book "Spectres de Marx." This is one of the most original concepts in Derridean Deconstruction Theory. The dead who are no longer with us in the present do not simply belong to the past. The specters of the dead continue to haunt us in the form of memories, traumas, and conscious or conscious hauntings. The past cannot, in other terms, be assimilated into the present. We owe a debt to the dead...a Debt of memory. "To be is to inherit," as Derrida says...We should engage in a communion with our ghosts ("ghost" doesn't refer necessarily to an apparition, the Gothic spirit, but to a memory and an inheritance)...Hauntology deconstructs and indeed predates any ontology of presence or self-identity. Our Present/presence is always haunted by of the Other--the often unbidden visitation of the dead. We can't escape from the PAST.
Par Borealis Il y a 7 ans
merci :)
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Par ritoyenne Il y a 8 ans
très bon
Par oublierleracismeskyblog Il y a 8 ans