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    China's Oil Plants Now under Scrutiny


    by NTDTelevision

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    On Saturday, a fire broke out at an oil plant owned by state-run China National Petroleum Corp, making it the fourth incident in six weeks. In light of the recent oil spills and accidents across China, the nation's oil firms are now under scrutiny, state media reported Sunday.

    A leak from a piece of oil-refining equipment caused the Saturday fire. According to workers at the plant who want to remain anonymous, the workshop where the fire happened had just been inspected.

    Netizens in China were already outraged that an earlier spill in the Bohai Bay was kept a secret for three weeks. The company responsible for that incident, CNOOC, had its third accident, a small leak on July 12th after a rig breakdown. In Guangdong, another CNOOC refinery caught fire earlier last month.

    All of the oil plant mishaps are causing increased anger over the slack inspections and carelessness.

    Chinese authorities have temporarily demanded a halt on crude oil drilling and production.