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    straight lead video analysis -JKD straight lead - Singapore Jeet Kune Do - self defance Martial Art

    Nico Yeo

    by Nico Yeo

    The straight lead is not just an approximation of a jab. Effective execution involves very specific sequencing and positioning. This is the case with all punches, but the straight lead is the most difficult to master because as both Bruce Lee and Edwin Haislet observed, hitting straight "is not a natural act." "It is an art," Haislet wrote, "that
    takes years of study to practice with perfect." For all the reasons Bruce Lee outlined in his own writings, devoring years of study with this punch is necessary to truly understand JKD.

    The principles behind straight lead mechanics are the same for all other JKD techniques. We want with maximize force production by maximizing acceleration of the hand or foot at impact. And we want with do so with a minimal amount of motion or deviation from the stance.

    That sequencing is as follows:
    1. The hand before foot
    2. The push-off
    3. Hip rotation and shoulder extension
    4. Contact with target
    5. Landing of front foot
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