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    Mass.Effect.3.Facts and Fantasies

    Alexei Levtchenko

    Alexei Levtchenko

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    As can be seen from a number of materials, connected with ME3 - in the last part of the trilogy by the authors of the game will be introduced some number of innovations and improvements. It’s related primarily to the combat scenes. Also changed some details related to the modernization of weapons and characteristics of persons of the game (more elements of RPG). Quite a few receptions apparently were taken from the first game (ME1). This also applies to visiting new planets. Some of the new elements of the game (ME3) - in the proposed video. Soundtrack-on the base: Fallen Army - GRV Music; part- Darkness (GRV music); Two Steps From Hell - To Glory; Guardians of Freedom ~ GRV Music [Prelude to Calamity]