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    Energy Innovations in the Armed Forces


    by energynow

    The sun is a big part of the Air Force and Army's plans for alternative fuels. In “Energy Innovations in the Armed Forces,” Correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan learns how the Air Force is using the largest solar array in the Western Hemisphere to help reach a 20 percent renewable-energy goal by 2020. Lee Patrick dons full battle gear to find out why soldiers are replacing heavy batteries and generators with smaller, lighter ones. He also takes a ride in a prototype extended range electric vehicle and unrolls a “solar blanket” for charging electronics in a war zone.

    Cynthia Lundgren of the Army Research Laboratory in Maryland explains how advanced battery research is helping reduce the number of generators and batteries that units need to take into battle. Paul Skalny of the Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center tells Lee Patrick how hybrid electric vehicles can give U.S. forces an advantage in the field, and how many fewer lives are put at risk with each incremental increase in fuel efficiency.