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FF7 MMO Challenge: 06 - Sample:H0512 (v2.0)

7 jaar geleden17 views

Challenge description: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmo/
Battle Plan: http://www.femlob.com/redir/ff7mmobp/

Another easy battle. Sample's got 1,000 HP you need to dwindle down; that's twelve castings of Ice or Fire, since Cloud and Nanaki both deal roughly equal average damage.

Once again, I miscalculated and killed off Cloud a Fire too soon; but since I had Tifa enter the battle alive this time around, it mattered even less than last time around.

Cloud: Level 8
- Initial Equipment: Ice, Restore
Tifa: Level 4
Nanaki: Level 8
- Initial Equipment: Fire

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FF7 MMO Challenge: 06 - Sample:H0512 (v2.0)
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