Cervical Spine Muscles Multifidus chiropractry multimedia

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Cervical Spine Muscles Multifidus chiropractry multimedia. Shows the location of multifidus in the cervical spine. Multifidus originates on the posterior sacrum from the fourth sacral foramen, from the aponeurosis of erector spinae, the posterior superior iliac spine and dorsal sacro-iliac ligaments, from all lumbar mamillary processes, all thoracic transverse processes and the articular processes of the lower four vertebrae.

Multifidus inserts into the length of the spine of the vertebrae above. The deepest fibres insert into the vertebrae directly above. The intermediate fibres insert into the second or third vertebrae above. The superficial fibres insert into the third or fourth vertebrae above.Multifidus stabilises adjoining vertebrae, and controls their movement during movement of the whole vertebral column. This allows more effective action of the long back muscles. Visit http://www.medilaw.tv for more information. Cervical Spine Muscles Multifidus