Grimus (Romania) - In A Glimpse

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Grimus is winner of THE GLOBAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS Romania 2007.
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This video was shot in full HD resolution with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Directed by Tudor Giurgiu ( and audio mixed by Adam Whittaker


This could be spectacular
But it's impossible
And I am ready to move on again
Insignificant acting like a grain of sand
In your eyes

Cause the world is full of bear traps
And I could not relax
In this nest of rats with children heads
Biting off their hands, subjects for experiments
They don't care

Barricades and bigamy
They're assaulting me
Keeping an eye on a silent enemy
Curiosity and overworking set me free
In a glimpse

Begging for a golden role,
Nothing but a silent waste of our time

Music and lyrics by Vali Rauca
Arranged by Grimus

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