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    2011 I Dont Own You 'Live' premix sample base rel1 - ...

    Travis Roe

    by Travis Roe

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    A direct to YT release of a 4-channel manually built (1 pass) premix sample base track we produced of I Dont Own You. Sometimes upto 30 of these are produced before individual elements are filtered and reconstructed in the brand new waveform (multichannel) that we use for every single remix. This is a unique look into a direct-from the decks sound sample of a remix we are undertaking the production of right now. This is still a unique sounding track in its own right that is often great and never sees the light of day since it is perfected significantly and integrated. Funnily enough, post production will turn this and many other version into a sequential, correctly peaking track, however this PARTICULAR premix sample just sounds good ;p its switchy, but its deliberately so, and the effect is quite interesting. If you keen an open mind and listen to it loud all the way through a few times, it is very catchy and just interesting overall how the peaks and troughs have been interspersed unlike normal, and the vocals are integrated with bassline and 'popped' into existence throughout the track, in a sycnhronised fashion so it's always on the bass. Did a small amount of scratching at the end. This isn't the final release, but this is one of the FEW premix sample base tracks you will get to hear before hearing the end product, so enjoy if youre interested in this kind of thing :)
    Credit to AVB for the indelible effects and, the vocals, are supreme.
    Sounds cool if you ask me. :) The end track is going to epically good. should be deliverable within a few weeks. This premix sample track just has something about it that made it worse releasing. no point being critical of it, its one of about 20 that will be made and all imperfections removed from before being filtered and multichannelled with each other and mixed down. Comes off as a very labour-intensive mix, which it is.